The great niche site adventure


chess pawnsMy cousin Jason over at Everyone’s Tech Guy¬†recently introduced me to the concept of “niche sites”, specifically, the way Pat Flynn talks about on his Smart Passive Income blog.

I’ll be honest, when I first heard Jason talking about this I thought “what kind of pyramid scheme is he getting into?”, but then I actually started reading what Pat was talking about. The more I read, the more intrigued I was by this concept. Of course seeing Pat’s monthly income statements blew me away and got my brain’s gears spinning, but what interested me the most was the core of Pat’s approach is real, honest to goodness content. He’s not building link farms, he’s actually creating content.

Now at this time, I still have a day job (thankfully!) but like many other technologists, and people in general, I dream of working for myself. And what would be better than working for myself, but making money “passively”! Armed with this motivation of Pat’s method of creating real content first (and of course, being motivated by potential $$$!), and armed with my recent interest in making Grayverse and my software ideas a reality, I’m going to attempt to build a niche site about being the best possible Windows DevOps guy one can be, based on my past experiences in my day job(s).

I’ve also been inspired by Pat’s transparency about what he does and how he does it. So in that spirit, I have decided to (at least attempt) to document this process in public – not just my (hopefully) successes, but any speed bumps as well.

Wish me luck!


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